A baby friendly gym?

Why has nobody opened a baby friendly gym yet?!

I mean surly its a smart business to open up. Mum’s are always home and most of them want somewhere to workout and access to gym equipment. There really isn’t many options for mum’s and I think that’s why so many mum’s either make do with home workouts or they just don’t bother working out again for a while.

I’m sure if there where options more mum’s would be working out and feeling better about themselves which would also help with postpartum depression. It seems like a win-win.

Unless I’m being really silly and have missed something the only options I have come across for mum’s are gyms with a crèche, this is a good option but most crèche’s won’t take babies younger than 6 months and then there is also the added cost of using a crèche on top of the coat of using the gym, which for a mum on maternity pay is not great!

In a perfect world I imagine a gym where I can take my baby in the car seat/buggy and just park her up on the side while I work out. I realise there may be some insurance issues for gyms around this, but if mum’s are happy to do this I don’t see the problem!

Being a first time mum who is super keen to workout sent me on a mission to explore and find ways that I could make this happen and here are my findings so far.

Home/park workouts

These are great for mum’s who know what they are doing and have access to some equipment at home. These are great right at the beginning after birth when you want to ease back into things. For me home workouts act as an addition to my gym based workouts, mainly because I like to use heavier weights and have access to more equipment so I wouldn’t be happy to just do home workouts. Obviously these are the most baby friendly though!

Us after a home workout


There is a crossfit gym local to me that I have been meaning to go and try out. They are happy for me to have a trial class where I bring baby and set her up in the buggy on the side. They have said that if baby doesn’t settle and is crying a lot then I won’t be able to bring her because they don’t want to disturb other people’s workouts. I will let you know about this once I have been! This sounds like a great option, I hope that baby is settled in the trial so that I can try a few classes.

Movers and Shapers

This is a class based studio that have three locations across London. My local one is in Twickenham and they offer baby friendly classes once a day at 10:30. I have tried these and I honestly think they are on to something. You can bring baby either in-car seat or buggy and put them on the side while you enjoy a class with access to equipment. They even have high chairs and car seats for you to use and the trainers running the class are more than happy to entertain/keep an eye on baby for you while you enjoy the class. They are also happy for you to come and go from the class as much as need be if for example your baby needs your attention for a while. The classes are different everyday and include spin, circuits, body pump and power plates. These are super baby friendly, the only downside for me is the cost and the classes are only 30mins, but I would definitely recommend them which is saying something because I’m not really a fitness class person. I would love to do more classes if it was slightly cheaper – maternity does not pay that well unfortunately!

Going to the gym

I have been going to the gym most mornings depending on how well baby has slept and how tired I’m feeling. The problem being that it is not baby friendly at all and I cannot take the baby, so I have to get up and go super early (5am) to get my workout in before hubby goes to work so that he can watch the baby. The other problem with this Is that baby is still feeding often, so by the time I leave and get to the gym I can only spend an hour maximum there before I need to get back for her next feed. As time goes on and she goes longer between feeds this will become easier.

My ideal baby friendly gym is somewhere close and cost-effective for someone on maternity pay. Somewhere that gives access to a decent amount of equipment and weights that you can park baby up in the buggy and enjoy your workout!

Does anyone know any other baby friendly gyms for new mum’s to workout?

What ways have my new mummy’s been getting their workouts in?

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