5 months to go….

…until we say ‘I do’.

When we first started planning the wedding I wrote endless lists that all basically said the same thing. It was a list of the main things to do. A list is always a good starting point. We now have only 5 months to go until the wedding and here is an update about each part of our list.

  1. Venue – I wrote a post about this when we first found our venue, so I wont say the same thing twice!
  2. Church – I also wrote a post about this!How to pick The Church?
  3. Food – and a post about this!Caterers for your Big Day
  4. Dress – I still do not have my dress due to the fact that I was pregnant and have just given birth. I really wasn’t sure what my body would be like and it was impossible to try on dresses while pregnant. I am planning on trying on some different dresses soon, but I have a good idea of the kind of dress I would like. I really like the look of some dresses I have seen on WED2B.
  5. Suit – he has been for a fitting and has picked out what he wants, so he is well ahead of me with what he is wearing on the day!
  6. Alcohol and drinks – the venue is dry hire so we will be providing the drinks for the reception. I am planning on doing a trip to France with my parents to pick up some bargains on wine to go with the food. We will get soft drinks and spirits from a source who owns a restraint and can get cheaper prices! I will write a post soon about how we calculated how much of what to buy.
  7. Decoration of Venue – this is a mixture of different things! Firstly I am putting together our own centerpieces. this saves some money and is actually super easy to do once you find some cheap supplies. I have found some really cheap and nice vases to use on Easy Florist Supplies. We are using Party Lights to help make the venue look the part. They were able to give us the best deal when it came to lighting and we both agreed that the lighting really did transform the building and make it look special. The other main suppliers we are using for venue decoration is All in One Events, who offer so many different thing and the man is charge is a very friendly family man who is always willing to offer a good price.
  8. DJ/music/Entertainment – we have managed to book a DJ for the evening and we booked them through WestSide Jams, who are a community radio station I listen to when I am in the car. We have also booked a harp player for the drinks reception, this is mainly because of the strong Welsh connection with a harp and it being represented at the wedding.
  9. Flowers – I wasn’t really that fussed about flower and they are super super expensive to have fresh, so we are going with fake! This isn’t every bodies  taste, but it works well for me and I really like how they look. We found a really good deal via a facebook link.
  10. Hotel – our room for the night/weekend has been booked and we have also set up a really easy link via the travel lodge for our guests to use. The Travel lodge work with a thirst party that basically reserve rooms for you up until 1 month before the wedding and then any that have not been booked get released and nobody is charged or missing out on money! If you ever need to reserve a group of rooms but do not want to part with the money or have people who are not sure this is a great service to use.
  11. Hair and MU – I am struggling with this one. Anybody that knows me well knows that I very rarely wear make up and do my hair. I’m struggling to find someone who doesn’t put too much make up on my face because it just doesn’t look like me! when I find someone I will let you know.
  12. Cake – neither of us were really that fussed about having a big and really nice cake. We both felt it would be a waste of money so we found someone on facebook locally who gave us a really good quote for a cake. We kept this nice and simple.
  13. Photography and Videography – we are lucky enough to have Rainywood Photography as a good friend and we are excited to have him capture our day!
  14. Photo booth – we both wanted to get one at the reception to provide something for our guests to take away and remember. We met Fun Photos at a wedding fair and my fiancé really liked what they had to offer! It’s not your typical photobooth.
  15. Cars – we both agreed that spending a lot of money for a car to drive us 10 minutes down the road was a waste of money. We will be utilising family and friends who have nicer cars to drive us instead.

So you have an update on our big list of things to do for the wedding. As the times gets closer I have started to think about the finer details like any signs we might want up and around and any small personal touches we want to add. These are the things that will make the day more personalised and special for us and our guests. Once I have had some time to get on top of this I will write another post about it!

One thing we are debating on is whether we need somebody on the day to make announcements and run the day. While I do agree that there is value to having someone do this, I do think people over charge for this. Anybody out there have anyone like this run their wedding day? How was your experience if you did or didn’t have somebody like this ? Any advice for us?


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