Lifesavers in the first weeks with a newborn



Who knew that this tiny little person would steal your heart and take over your life!

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since our  precious little girl was born and I wanted to shed some light on some products that have made my life a whole lot easier so far.


nursing pillow

  • Baby cushion – this is so handy and a must for any new mum’s. One of my best friends (who is also  mum) bought it for me and I have to say I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, but it has been great for me while I’m breastfeeding or to put baby down in. I think it makes a new-born fee secure and as if they are being held because it wraps around their body. I would definitely recommend and I have to give it 5 stars.


A bit blurry – sorry
  • Baby sling – this has been a lifesaver for me as a new mummy! I have worn it around the house when the baby wont settle and it instantly settles her with the added bonus that I have free hands to get things done! I have also worn it with baby out and about, I have not even used the buggy yet because the sling is so much easier! The make I have is the Basic body wrap .




  • breast pump
    Spectra dew 350 electric breast pump

    Breast pump – the breast pump is  must for breastfeeding mums. I was able to pump in the hospital after baby was born and this meant my milk supply came in pretty quickly and I was able to feed my baby. The one I’m using is just a simple one my sister gave me. I really think they should tell all mums to start pumping as soon as they have given birth,


nipple shields
Madela 20mm nipple shields


  • Nipple shields – I want to write a post on this soon, but as a new mum with flat nipples it was impossible for my little girl to latch on. Nipple shields have meant I can breastfeed my baby and everybody is happy! I have used these Madela 20mm ones. They also come with a handy case.



My heart x
  • My soon to be hubby – from running around getting nipple shields when I was in the hospital, making sure I’m drinking enough water, taking the baby so I can sleep for an hour or just making my heart melt when I watch him holding our baby. He is our hero.






I think we can get overwhelmed with being a new mum and think that we need all the new products out there, but the truth is the only real thing your baby needs is you!


What are the lifesaving products/things that my other mum’s out there have used?

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