39 Weeks and Counting

This week has by far felt like one of the longest weeks of my life!


Well if you have been pregnant before you will know exactly what I am talking about. The final week (or what is supposed to be the final week) has been the hardest for me. I have been super lucky (I think) in the fact that this pregnancy has been very straightforward and quite easy so far for me. When people have asked me ‘Where you sick? Did you have craving? Whats hurting you? Are you swollen?’, My answer has always been no, no and no – I haven’t experienced any real typical pregnancy issues so far….. But this week!

This week I feel like all the symptoms that I have not felt fo the last couple of months are here.

So what am I experiencing this week? 

Swollen feet/hands/maybe face – My feet and ankles are swollen on a daily basis, I feel them swelling if I am up and about for more than  10-15 minutes. My fingers are swollen slightly and I have only noticed this week since trying to move my engagement ring is increasingly more difficult. The reason I say my face maybe is because my dad mentioned I looked as if I had put on weight in my face… this might be true, but i would much rather (for my own sanity) put it down to swelling!

Pelvic pressure – A lot of this and all the time! When I wake up and get out of bed in the morning it takes double the amount of time because the pressure on my pelvis is really bad. Midwife said it is all normal for being this far along, and it makes sense as baby moves further down that this is the pain that I would feel. I feel it when walking and when turning over in bed. This is the one that hurts the most and makes this final week (I hope) the most uncomfortable. Even stepping into the bath is hard!

Feeling a bit fed up – Do not take this as me not being grateful for being able to carry our child and be healthy (it is definitely not), but I know that any other moms out there can relate to the feeling of just wanting the baby out now! After carrying our child for 9 months you would have thought that a couple of extra days or an extra week would be easy – trust me it is not easy at this stage and every second get harder!

Working out – On a positive note, I did manage to squat 100kg for 1 at just over 38 weeks (before the above symptoms started). I was super happy about this – see video.

I have been working out this week, but I have either kept it light, done upper body and I have tried to incorporate a bit more walking (I heard it might help baby come). The pelvic pressure makes it hard to want to move too much, but I am trying my best to stay active and make it to the gym up until the baby comes.

Work – Yes I am still working full-time, my friends think I am crazy, but I always said if I felt fine then why not because it means more time with baby after. I still stand by this, but this last week in work has been particularly challenging and there have been days this week where I wished i had started my maternity already, but with my final day in work here im glad i pushed through and worked until as close to the due date as legally possible.

Let me know how you are finding you 39th week or how you did find it?


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