37 Week Update

I’m currently in my 37th week!

What does that mean – well if baby was to arrive it would be classed as full term and not premature. Baby is roughly 50cm long and weighs just unde 3kg.

How am I finding it?

I am fully ready for baby to arrive both mentally and physically as much as I think I can be. I am not naive enough to think that I won’t be fully and can’t be fully ready until baby is here, but I feel confident in my body and mind to cope in labor and I am super excited to welcome our baby into the world.

What has changed or is different?

My last update was at 32 weeks. Since then I have definitely grown – a lot! I am waking myself up in the night whenever one side of my body starts to ache to roll over to the other side.

Waking up in the morning and standing up out of bed is becoming more difficult/painful every morning. this is only for the first couple of seconds while my body adjusts itself with the weight of the baby and then I am fine. I have also been told I am officially waddling, although I think its down to DOMS from the gym!

Babies head is engaged as of my 37th week check up. This means baby is getting into a lower position ready for birth. This makes sence because I have been feeling some cramp/period pain like feelings on and off over the last week or so.

What is the same?

I am still working out – although this is becoming slightly and only slightly more difficult recently. I definitely have to give thanks to my fiance for encouraging and motivating me to keep going. I always feel great after a workout.

I am still in work – maternity starts on the 2nd of Feb, unless baby decides to arrive before that. This is getting more and more difficult by the day, but I do want to have as many days with the baby after birth as possible hence the reason for still being in work.

If im being honest I secretly want baby to come a little bit early, but I think this is just because I am super exited to meet our little bump and see him/her in the flesh. I’m going to be updating the blog with another post soon about the antenatal and breastfeeding classes I have been to recently and sharing all information, and I also have some information on some freebies you can get while pregnant.

How are all the other mum’s to be doing out there? Anybody else in their 37th week or close? X

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