#FitPregnancy – Whatever that means!

I have stayed as active as possible during my pregnancy and it has been the best decision I have ever made. There is a lot of controversy around working out during pregnancy and there are many myths out there too. So this one is dedicated to my experience so far of working out during pregnancy.

Captured by my wonderful Finace (80kg 2 reps at 35weeks pregant)

First lets tackle those myths or things you might hear people say!

  1. Working out during pregnancy is bad for you.
    False– in fact people are encouraged to stay active and moving during pregnancy. I have personally found it to give me more energy, keep my body strong and able to cope with the demands of being pregnant and keep my blood pressure at a good level.
  2. Doing weights is dangerous during pregnancy
    False – doing weights can help keep your body and bones strong during pregnancy when the body can sometimes deteriorate to provide for your growing baby. I have personally found it to lessen the aches and pains of pregnancy and so far have had hardly no back aches and pains that seem to be a common problem during pregnancy. I would not recommend that people start weight lifting heavily if they were not doing so before pregnancy, but light weights are a good idea for anybody weather pregnant or not, just remember good technique!
  3. The more you exercise the better
    True and False – it is definitely beneficial for you and baby to exercise but it is also important to be aware of your body and to not over do it! Pregnancy is a good time to maintain your fitness and not try to exhaust yourself. Remember it is important to stay hydrated and really listen to your body, if it tells you something doesn’t feel right – you shouldn’t do it!

These are the main three I have heard during my pregnancy and I am sure there are many more. Let’s just think about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

  1. Strengthening your back and abdominal muscles can massively help decrease back pain – a very common complaint during pregnancy
  2. Weight training can help build up endurance and stamina which we all know are going to be needed during labor
  3. Exercise will help maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy
  4. Exercise will help get back to your regular weight after birth
  5. Mental toughness can be built up from exercising which can help in later stages of pregnancy and labour

I can definitely personally say that some of the benefits above I have experienced first hand during my pregnancy, for example i have already said i have had hardly no lower back pain and have only put on baby bump weight (10kg so far). The others i cannot comment on yet and will do after labor and the birth, but from working out i am definitely a lot more confident in my body’s ability to handle labor and anything else that comes my way after the birth.

Obviously this is my own personal experience and prior to becoming pregnant I was exercising and lifting weight regularly which i think also had a massive impact on how straight forward my pregnancy has been so far. My body was in a really good position (being fit and healthy) to carry a child.
I completely understand that everybody experiences pregnancy differently and some people prefer to walk, do yoga, not exercise at all during pregnancy and that is also fine because at the end of the day it is very much a personal decision and you can never know what you are going to feel like until you are in it. There is so much pressure with social media now to have a perfect ‘fitpregancy’, but that can be interpreted however you want it to be. At the end of the day, as long as you and baby are healthy that is all that matters, if you can stay active/fit along the way take it as a blessing and reap the benefits!
I know for me, working out has been the best thing during pregnancy. My Fiance has motivated me to keep working out and it has been so beneficial. I feel full of energy, so strong and empowered to be carrying our child and working out at the same time and because of my experience I would strongly encourage anybody to try to keep working out during pregnancy.
Yes there have been times where I haven’t felt like going to the gym, but afterwards I have been so grateful that my fiance dragged me. Yes there has been times where i couldn’t do certain exercises/movements because my body told me it was too much, but i adapted the workout and continued.

How have you stayed fit/healthy during your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments x

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