My Wonder Woman

Me and My Mum

I was in the gym yesterday and another women came over and said I was her Hero for working out as hard as I do and being so far along in my pregnancy. She said I was like her Wonder Women. I was immediately humbled and reminded how nice it is to hear a genuine compliment from another woman, and how rare it is.


Wonder Women – I liked the idea of this. What makes me so determined to do everything I want to do and go for it?

My Mum!

This post is dedicated to my mum. Growing up I watched her as she brought up 5 girls, worked super hard at work, gave up work to support her 5 daughters and my dad and then when we were all old enough she went back to University got an education and is now back working full-time for herself and still supporting my dad in everything he does (because he works hard too, but this post is dedicated to my mum) and still helping her 5 daughters to find their way in life when they need her!

When you’re little you really don’t see/understand how much your parents do and give up for you. It’s amazing how they manage to get through the hardest of times and as children we are none the wiser. Looking back now I know that she held us together as a family and from being a teacher I know how difficult it can be to deal with girls, let alone raising 5 of them (I think this could possibly my worst nightmare). So I have no idea how she stayed sane for all those years and put up with us, especially as teenagers! My sisters will know exactly what I’m talking about, because we definitely always had a lot of drama going on throughout our teenage years and this hasn’t seemed to have slowed down much, even now we are all in our twenties.

It really was my mum who showed me through everything she did on a daily basis how to be a strong, independent women. I don’t say these kind of things often about my mum, it’s almost taken for granted how much she does for us as a family and how much she worries about everyone in the family. So I know she will be shocked to read this – but Mum you really are My Wonder Women and I admire how you keep it together (most of the time:)!).

Being pregnant with my first child has also made me start to realize how my life is going to change, not in a bad way but it will definitely change. There will be hard times I’m sure of it, when I might want to give up, but because of my mum I know I wont give up and I will work even harder until everything is okay again. This is what she showed me and this is why I am the way I am! I wouldn’t have It any other way.

So Thanks Mum and Happy Birthday!

We love you even when we might not say it always x

My sisters!


Remember to thank your mum for everything they do, because sometimes you don’t even know how much they are doing for you everyday!

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