32 weeks

32 weeks
32 weeks!

So here I am at 32 weeks!



What am I enjoying?

Well I am currently enjoying any moment I get to stay in bed a bit longer and rest/put my feet up. I’m also enjoying the movements that are becoming stronger and stronger, although sometimes it feels like my belly doesn’t have enough room for a little baby in there! I love how excited and amazed my fiancé is when he feels the baby move and how loving he already is towards our growing baby!

What am I finding difficult?

Currently the thing I am finding most difficult over the last couple of days is sleeping through the night and it’s not even to go to the toilet or getting comfortable or being hungry (all things my friends have said will happen). I don’t even know why I am waking up but I seem to be waking up once every hour or two throughout the night for no particular reason. This means my sleep is pretty disrupted and then when I have a full day of work I’m feeling it by lunch time!

Not being able to do pull ups! I worked really hard to work my way up to being able to do pull ups before falling pregnant and know I can just about do one if I really try, but it doesn’t feel very safe and feels like it’s putting an odd strain on my belly so I have only been doing assisted pull ups to try to keep some strength. This is difficult to accept, but I am happy to be able to have such a healthy and straight forward pregnancy so I AM NOT complaining!

Other things

I’m feeling super grateful for all my friends, family and fiancé who are being massively supportive with advice, talking, gifts and anything else I’ve needed so far!

Working full time and being 32 weeks pregnant as a PE teacher has started to take its toll slightly. I am finding it difficult to stay awake for the whole day, also being on my feet to teach outside in the cold weather and the long hour with club and fixtures after school. I am determined to stay in work as long as possible so that I can maximise the amount of time I have with our baby and I cannot wait to get a break over Christmas to recharge my energy!

Is anybody else pregnant and working full time? How are you finding it?

2 thoughts on “32 weeks

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  1. I am very impressed you can do even assisted pull-ups while pregnant! I’ve never been able to do a pull up, I blame it on being taller therefore heavy but really that’s just an excuse. I have been trying to still lift some light weights just to maintain some strength but I do get nervous about it. The other day I was doing lat pull-down and I felt the belly tightness you mentioned so I’ve cut that one out.

    1. Thanks – I’m trying to stay as active as possible although it’s definitely getting harder!
      As long as your staying active I think it all helps.
      Yes that tightening feeling doesn’t feel right so I stopped too!

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