Bump Update – 26 weeks

My 26 week Bump
My 26 week Bump

So I’m 26 weeks and wanted to keep an update from now on about how my pregnancy is going.

The Bump has actually become more obvious and I look pregnant now! This is actually what I’ve been waiting for and wanting which is what my finance keeps reminding me every time I look in the mirror and say I look like a whale! I guess I didn’t expect to feel like that and wanted to look in the mirror and be like awww I’m pregnant, not OMG look at your belly! I just have to remember that as long as we are all healthy, that’s all that matters and remind myself I am going to get bigger due to being pregnant – that’s kind of how this works!

I have noticed that unless I’m super tired, falling asleep in the evening is becoming a bit harder and taking longer than normal. a bit of this is down to trying to find a comfortable position and half is down to the little bump kicking a lot at this time of night. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse – I have heard some stories of people not being able to sleep during pregnancy!

The kicking is definitely happening a lot more, and is so much stronger at the moment. It’s a nice feeling and it makes me smile because I feel like it’s a constant reminder that our little baby is there. This is one thing I am enjoying at the moment.

Working out has become a bit more difficult, but I am still working out and doing most of the things I was able to do before becoming pregnant. I am able to do sprints, cardio, lift weights and have good movement and balance at the moment. The only thing I miss being able to do is weighted hip thrusters and the amount of weight I can lift is a bit less than what I was doing pre pregnancy. I do find myself becoming out of breathe more easily, but I listen to my body and the baby and if something doesn’t feel right then I wont do it! Generally working out is making me feel great and I think it has helped my pregnancy go smoothly so far.

Back ache is starting to become a thing for me the last week or two. In particular if I haven’t slept very well or if I have been stood/sat down for a long period of time(more than 40mins). I also have noticed that when I do any running/sprints or uphill running my back aches more than normal. I plan to listen to my fiancé and find a yoga session I can try to go to on a regular basis to help with this!

support from my fiancé and family has been great. My fiancé is amazing and is willing to help and be as involved as he can be, which is what I want too. It’s a great feeling knowing that he is so involved in everything. Family has been supportive and have been great in terms of giving us things that will be helpful when the baby arrives.

Over all I feel truly blessed to be pregnant and have my fiancé and family around me and hopefully pregnancy stays as easy as this 🙂

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