Are you really pregnant?!

The joys of not having a very obvious baby bump are not very joyful!

So I’m currently 22+5 days and although I am now starting to show (if I’m wearing tight clothing), I am only JUST starting to show! Up until this point people have looked at me in disbelief when I tell them, even my sisters looked at me funny when I told them at 16 weeks.

They agreed that I had put on a bit of weight, but there was no obvious sign of a bump. Even now at nearly 23 weeks there is no obvious bump.

One side of me is a bit disappointed, being my first baby I would have liked to have had a bump by now but everyone I know who has had children tells me it will come and then I won’t stop complaining about it. So I’m in two minds, should I be happy or a bit disappointed?

The good thing is that I can still wear all of my clothes, even my size 8/10 jeans still fit me. They are a bit uncomfortable when I’ve been sitting for a while, but I can still wear them. I can get away with not telling many people and many people have told me it’s because I have strong abs (not sure how accurate this is), but I’ll take it!

I know that as soon as the bump is big (I hope it gets big) I will probably complain a bit, but I can’t help feeling a bit disappointed at not having a bigger bump yet. I’m a week and a half away from my third trimester and I automatically thought that I would have something more to show I was expecting.

Putting all this aside I have to be super thankful that the baby is healthy and growing at the right size/pace and proportion so I know I shouldn’t worry about the size of my bump or little belly bulge. I’m healthy too and still able to workout, yet another reason to be grateful. I just can’t wait to have a real bump and start to really feel excited about being pregnant and all the great and not so great things that come with it!

I remember watching some fitness people on Instagram going through pregnancy and being amazed at how long it took them to start showing and having a bump. I always thought I would start showing super early and put on a lot of weight, so I am thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy and so far have only put on 3kg, but I am eagerly waiting the appearance of THE BUMP!

22 weeks in this picture

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