Caterers for your Big Day

Anyone who is or who has planned a wedding will know that a big proportion of your money will go on catering. We knew this going into planning the wedding and wanted to look at different options. The main choices you have with catering are:

  1. Buffet – this is often the cheapest or one of the cheaper options for feeding people at your wedding. It also means you can have multiple options for guests to choose from.
  2. Sit down meal – this is the traditional way of feeding guests at your wedding and often the most expensive as it requires waiting staff to do a lot of work brining the food out and clearing it.
  3. Family style – this is becoming more popular and acts as an in-between option of the two above. It normally consist of different options being brought to each table and guests being able to serve themselves. It is like a buffet but without guests needed to leave their tables.

We went for buffet style. This worked well for us being a mixed couple and wanting different types of food being served.

We got quotes from a lot of different African caterers and asked them to provide a sample menu for 200 guests. Here is what we ended up with:

  1. Alaleke Events – their communication was good(a bit slow, but good), they had a variety of different foods to choose from and were not too expensive. They quoted us just under £5000 for 200 guests(about £25 a head).
  2. Nina’s Kitchen– communication was good, they had a mix of African and Jamaican dishes available and they quoted between £20-24 a head, so £4000-4800 for buffet.
  3. King Solomon – communication was good and they quoted £25 a head minimum which would be a total of £5000.

Most of these were for 2 starters and 8 main course options. We really didn’t want to spend more than £4000 on catering and set a budget at between £3500 and £3800, so all of the above where above our budget!

We then came across De’osa Catering who seemed to be quoting a great price within our budget, at first I was sceptical because they were the only caterers to be quoting within our budget but the communication was great and they were always quick to respond. They are a catering company based in south London with 5 year experience in the industry. We decided to go to a tasting to make sure the food was what we wanted it to be for the price we were being quoted.

The tasting was £30 for the both of us and it was definitely worth it. We had more than enough food to try (we took some away in containers) and it was delicious! At the tasting we had:

  1. Jollof Rice
  2. Fried Rice
  3. Yam Porridge
  4. Beef Stew
  5. Jerk Chicken
  6. Curry Goat

Every single dish was yummy and to top it off the women in charge was so friendly and welcoming, she made us feel like we were in good hands. She suggested some changes to the menu that made sense and it showed the experience she has to be able to make those suggestions.

We were both super happy with the food and the service so far, now down to the price…..

We came away within our budget with more than expected, a buffet for 200, some nibbles to serve during the drinks reception/cocktail hour and bar staff to run our bar during the evening.

What a great company, service and food. I would definitely recommend them for anybody looking for wedding caterers. They cater to a mixed couple and have 5 different chefs which include African, Caribbean and Italian cuisine, so you really do have a variety to choose from.  On top of that the lady in charge went to London South Bank University (were both myself and my fiancé went) and they do a lot of community work.

We can now both happily and confidently say we have chosen the right caterers for our wedding!


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