What Books for a Little Girl?

I went in to the book store the other day and they had a great offer on - 5 books for £5. So I went over to the children's section and started browsing for my pick of books for my daughter. Being a teacher I don't just pick any book that looks good! I look... Continue Reading →

Dear Genesis 1/5/2018

You're nearly 3 months old and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by! It feels like only yesterday you couldn't lift your head and would only sleep on my chest! Now you hold your head up and hardly ever fall asleep on my chest because your too busy being nosey and looking... Continue Reading →

Breastfeeding with flat nipples

Up until becoming pregnant it had never crossed my mind that my nipples weren't 'normal', and by 'normal' I mean nipples that poke out when aroused. Why would I? My nipples had never been a problem for me in any part of my life and I wasn't even aware of how flat they where until... Continue Reading →

A baby friendly gym?

Why has nobody opened a baby friendly gym yet?! I mean surly its a smart business to open up. Mum's are always home and most of them want somewhere to workout and access to gym equipment. There really isn't many options for mum's and I think that's why so many mum's either make do with... Continue Reading →

A baby and A Wedding

So my best friend got married last week and it was such an amazing day. I was one of her maids of honours and I was thrilled when she asked me, then I fell pregnant and I didn't know how this would affect my job and duties! The Hen They went away for the weekend... Continue Reading →

5 months to go….

...until we say 'I do'. When we first started planning the wedding I wrote endless lists that all basically said the same thing. It was a list of the main things to do. A list is always a good starting point. We now have only 5 months to go until the wedding and here is... Continue Reading →

The honest truth about labour…

...from a first time mum who googled, researched and asked everyone everything about the process. By no means an expert but just some advice for any other first time moms! When everyone says you will 'just know' when you are having contractions, they are not wrong! My mum said they will stop you in your... Continue Reading →

2 Weeks Postpartum

It's been 2 weeks since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and the last two weeks have gone by so quickly. I can't believe our baby girl has been with us for a whole two weeks already. I will be doing a post soon on my labour with all the details, but for... Continue Reading →

39 Weeks and Counting

This week has by far felt like one of the longest weeks of my life! Why? Well if you have been pregnant before you will know exactly what I am talking about. The final week (or what is supposed to be the final week) has been the hardest for me. I have been super lucky... Continue Reading →

37 Week Update

I'm currently in my 37th week! What does that mean - well if baby was to arrive it would be classed as full term and not premature. Baby is roughly 50cm long and weighs just unde 3kg. How am I finding it? I am fully ready for baby to arrive both mentally and physically as... Continue Reading →

#FitPregnancy – Whatever that means!

I have stayed as active as possible during my pregnancy and it has been the best decision I have ever made. There is a lot of controversy around working out during pregnancy and there are many myths out there too. So this one is dedicated to my experience so far of working out during pregnancy. Captured... Continue Reading →

My Wonder Woman

I was in the gym yesterday and another women came over and said I was her Hero for working out as hard as I do and being so far along in my pregnancy. She said I was like her Wonder Women. I was immediately humbled and reminded how nice it is to hear a genuine... Continue Reading →

32 weeks

So here I am at 32 weeks!     What am I enjoying? Well I am currently enjoying any moment I get to stay in bed a bit longer and rest/put my feet up. I'm also enjoying the movements that are becoming stronger and stronger, although sometimes it feels like my belly doesn't have enough... Continue Reading →

Working out during pregnancy

Before becoming pregnant I used to see so many Instagram fit pregnancies and wanted to do the same when I eventually became pregnant. Well here I am 29 weeks pregnant and I am sticking to it! So here is a break down of my trying to be fit pregnancy journey so far..... The first trimester I'm... Continue Reading →

Welcoming the third trimester!

It's officially here - the third trimester. I definitely look pregnant now and feel a bit silly for wanting to look more pregnant this whole time, but I guess you live and learn. I'm still feeling fairly normal and not much is different to be honest. I'm finding my back aches in the morning if... Continue Reading →

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